Before appearing in book format, Iznogoud began life originally in strip cartoons in the pages of Record and Pilote magazine in France. Over the years, he has appeared in a number of other magazines in various languages and various countries. Below are details on his appearance in French and German publications.


RECORD - Iznogoud made his first appearance in the pages of Record magazine #1 in 1962, and continued to be published there until 1973. Record continued to publish some of the same Iznogoud stories simultaneously with Pilote starting in 1968. See all of the Iznogoud stories that appeared in Record here. For more about Record magazine, see this site.

PILOTE - Starting in 1968, Iznogoud appeared in Pilote magazine (and later in Pilote Mensual) and continued until 1977. See the stories that appeared in Pilote here. Vote for Iznogoud!

CIRCUS - In 1981, Circus magazine ran the story "L’enfance d’Iznogoud" in issues 35-40.

LES CAHIERS DE LA BANDE DESSINÉE - Though no stories were published there, Iznogoud appeared on the cover of Les Cahiers de la Bande Dessinée magazine #29 in 1976, in a special edition devoted to Tabary. The magazine was filled with a number of Iznogoud drawings, some of them exclusive to the magazine.


MV COMIX - Iznogoud appeared on the cover of MV Comix (Mickyvision Comix) in Germany in 1971. In 1974, Iznogoud stories featured in issues of MV Comix magazine in Germany, running in some issues up through 1977. He appeared on a number of the magazine's covers as well.

REDDITION - Iznogoud made an appearance on the cover of Reddition #34, the April 2000 issue, which was dedicated to Goscinny's work.