Below are details regarding other countries where Iznogoud appeared in magazines.


PARHAAT SARJAT - Iznogoud was published under the name Ahmed Ahne in Finland by a monthly comic club hardcover magazine/book called Parhaat Sarjat (translation: 'The Best Comics'). Each issue featured two comic book stories, with some of the issues featuring complete Iznogoud books:

#7 - Suurvisiiri Ahmed Ahne (July 1987)
(original title: Le Grandvizir Iznogoud)

#11 - Haaremin ruusu / Haluan kalifiksi kalifin paikalle (1987)
(original titles: Iznogoud et les Femmes / Je veux etre calife a la place du calife)

#16 - Ahmed Ahne - Bagdadin kauhu (1988)
(original title: Iznogoud l'infame)

#46 - Tähdet kertovat Ahmed Ahne (1990)
(original title: Des astres pour Iznogoud)

Thanks to Kimmo Lakoma for this information.


ASTERIX - There was a Greek comic journal magazine called Asterix, published by Spanos Publications. The magazine published serialized Asterix stories, as well as comics from other characters including Iznogoud. The issue pictured above is from 1970, and was the first Greek appearance of Iznogoud. It contained the following Iznogoud stories (equivalents in English):

1. Chop and Change (originally from The Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud)
2. The Mysterious Billsticker (originally from Iznogoud the Infamous)
3. Tried and Tsetsed (originally from A Carrot for Iznogoud)
4. Iznogoud's Pupil (originally from Iznogoud Rockets To Stardom)

Only the first story was in full-color. The second was mainly black and white, with some red or green color added to some areas. The third was in limited colors, and the fourth story had some pages in color but other pages in mostly black and white with some red added. Also, the fourth story was apparently redrawn or traced, and looks poor compared to the original. Very strange. There were also a few strips from other unrelated comic characters printed in this magazine.


LION COMICS - In India, some Iznogoud stories have been published in the Tamil language under the name Mathiyilla Manthiri ("Brainless Minister") in issues of Lion Comics, by Lion Comics/Prakash Publishers. This mini-comic format series prints more than one type of story per issue. There were at least four Iznogoud stories, all published in black and white:

#146 January 1999 - ? (aka "The Caliph's Sceptre)

#155 November 1999 - Karaippar Karaithal ("If the right person dissolves", aka "The Sinister Liquidator")

#160 April 2000 - Thalai keelai oru dhinam ("The Upside-Down Day", aka "The Day Of Misrule")

#175 January 2003 - Vinnil Oru Manthiri ("A minister in space", aka "Magic Fiction")

#186 May 2004 - Baghdadil Therdhal ("Elections in Baghdad", aka "Elections in the Caliphate")

#??? (200?) - Oru carrotin kathai ("The Carrot Story", aka "A Carrot For Iznogoud") [not yet published]

Thanks to Muthufan and Chennai for help on this.


MESSAGERO DEI RAGAZZI - Though no Iznogoud books were published in Italy, he did appear in strip cartoons translated into Italian in various publications there. The first appearance of Iznogoud in Italy was in the pages of Messaggero dei Ragazzi magazine in 1964.

L'AVVENTUROSO - Iznogoud made appearances in L' Avventuroso from 1973-1974.

IL GIORNALINO - Iznogoud appeared in Il Giornalino in 1975-1976.

MONDO ERRE - Iznogoud showed up in Mondo Erre in 1989.

The above were all Catholic magazines geared towards young people. The translations in these magazines had some interesting names for the main characters:

Iznogoud: Ali Satan (!)
Dilat Laraht/Wa'at Alahf: Mustafa
The Caliph: Masi-Manho-Mavah (which translates roughly to: "Really?-Aw-C'mon")

PILOT - Iznogoud made appearances in Pilot magazine (the Italian version of Pilote) translated into Italian in 1984-1985. This translation kept the original French names for the characters.

Thanks to the Jones Boys and Eta Beta for information on the Italian publications. For more detailed information, check Those Fabulous Jones Boys' website here.


PEP - Iznogoud strip cartoons in Dutch appeared in The Netherlands in Pep magazine from 1967-1975. For more details (in Dutch), go to the website for Pep magazine here.


TEMPO - The Norwegian magazine Tempo printed "Europe's Best Comics" from around 1968 to the late 70s, including stories of Iznogoud (Iznogood in the Norwegian translations). Here is some more info (in Norwegian).

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