JORNAL DA B.D. - An unknown number of Iznogoud stories were published in this journal, somewhere around 1982. At least one complete book was published in this format, "As conspirações do Grão-Vizir Iznogoud" (The Conspiracies of Grand Vizir Iznogoud, aka "The Wicked Wiles of Iznogoud" in English). The names of the characters are the same as the Portuguese books, except Iznogoud's servant is called Dilat Laraht instead of Dilat Larath as he is called in the books.


SUPER PULGARCITO - Iznogoud was published in the Spanish magazine Super Pulgarcito. This was a publication of Bruguera, who also published the Spanish Iznogoud books.

SUPER MORTADELO - Iznogoud also appeared in Super Mortadelo, also a Bruguera publication.

SUPER FUERA BORDA - Fuera Borda (published by Sarpe) was a children's magazine that published Iznogoud and other French comics in Spanish.

EL PEQUEÑO PAÍS - Iznogoud stories were also published in El Pequeño País, which was a children's supplemental publication of El País, a big-selling newspaper.

Thanks to Jaime González Soriano for much of the above information.


MICO - According to Dargaud, Iznogoud has been officially published in the Turkish magazine Mico, which is put out by publisher Milliyet. No further information on this so far.

BÜCÜR - In the late 60s, Bücür (translates as "Shorty") comics magazine published at least one unlicensed Iznogoud story in Turkish, traced/redrawn and printed in black and white. This magazine also published other titles such as Asterix in later issues. The cover says "Sihirli Terlik" (Magic Slipper), which may be the story title, or it may be their name for Iznogoud. It is unknown at this time how many Iznogoud stories were published. Thanks to Christian Koehn from Asterix International for information.


POLITIKIN ZABAVNIK - Iznogoud has been published under the name Iznogud in Serbian-Yugoslavian in the pages of the comic journal Politikin Zabavnik. There have been at least 30-35 strips published, most in color with a few in black and white. This comic journal also featured the likes of Tintin, Asterix, and Lucky Luke, among others.

DENIS - A number of other Yugoslavian magazines featured Iznogoud strips in both color and black and white. There were about 26 strips published in Denis magazine.

STRIP 81 / STRIP 82 - 9 Iznogoud strips published in Strip 81 / Strip 82 magazine in 1981 and 1982.

GIGANT - 1 strip only ("Formula nevidljivosti") was published in issue #41 of Gigant magazine.

STRIPOTEKA - About 44 Iznogoud strips were published in Stripoteka.

EKS ALMANAH - 11 Iznogoud strips were published in Eks Almanah.

Thanks to Misa as well as Strip Klub Darkwood for some of the information and images above.