Germany is undoubtedly second only to France in terms of the popularity of Iznogoud. The cartoons were aired there as well around 1995, dubbed in German. The series was responsible for spawning a good portion of the Iznogoud merchandise that has been produced so far. This has included PVC figurines, plush toys, POGs, sticker trading cards, bedding, games, posters, postcards and more (see Toys and Promos sections for more details).

To the right is an ad for the release of the series on videotape in Germany.

The German language video collections were put out by Starlight/Cine Plus:

Isnogud #1 - Die 1001 Unglaublichen Abenteuer des Isnogud
(The 1001 Unbelievable Adventures of Iznogoud)

1. Das Zauberbett (The Magic Bed)
2. Hut ab! (Hat Off!)
3. Das Picknick (The Picnic)
4. Der Doppelgänger (The Doppelganger)
5. Der Staatsbesuch (The State Visit)
6. Der geheimnisvolle Plakatkleber (The Mysterious Billsticker)

Isnogud #2 - Die Sternstunden des Isnogud
(The Great Moments of Iznogoud)

1. Isnoguds Raketenstart (Iznogoud's Rocket Launch)
2. Isnoguds Schüler (Iznogoud's Pupil)
3. Der Muckefuck (The Coffee Substitute)
4. Der Dschinni (The Genie)
5. Es quakt im Kalifat (Croaking in the Caliphate)
6. Die Flasche des Herrn Gasbutan (The Flask of Gasbutan)

Isnogud #3 - Himmel & Hölle (Heaven & Hell)

1. Der magische Katalog (The Magic Catalog)
2. Himmel und Hölle (Heaven and Hell)
3. Der fürchterliche Vergolder (The Dreadful Gilder)
4. Inkognito (Incognito)
5. Hast du Töne (Have You Ever Heard Such A Thing?)
6. Die Zauberkiste (The Magic Computer)

Isnogud #4 - Die Zeitmaschine (The Time Machine)

1. Augenschmaus (Feast For The Eyes)
2. Die Zeitmaschine (The Time Machine)
3. Der Unglücksdiamant (The Unlucky Diamond)
4. Weltraumzauber (Space Magic)
5. Die Herausforderung (The Challenge)
6. Schlittenfahrt im Kalifat (Sledding in the Caliphate)

Isnogud #5 - Ein Hundeleben (A Dog's Life)

1. Die Insel der Riesen (The Island of the Giant)
2. Skandal in Bagdad (Scandal in Baghdad)
3. Wahl im Kalifat (Election in the Caliphate)
4. Das Wachsfigurenkabinett (The Waxworks)
5. Der Tataran-Talisman (The Tartar Talisman)
6. Einfach fabelhaft (Easy Fantastic)

Isnogud #6 - Der Zaubertrank (The Magic Potion)

1. Der Kalif auf Kreuzfahrt (The Caliph Goes on a Cruise)
2. Ein verhängnisvolles Nickerchen (A Fatal Nap)
3. Wahlspiel (Election Play)
4. Duft des Vergessens (Fragrance of Forgetfulness)
5. Hin & Her, Kreuz & Quer (Here and There, Cross & Crosswise)
6. Der Türkenkopf (The Turkish Head)

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