Some of Iznogoud's adventures were available on record and audio tape in Germany:

Isnogud der Groswesir
(Iznogoud the Grand Vizier)

LP and cassette

Date of issue: 1975 (PEG)

Isnogud - Der böse Großwesir und seine komischen Ferienabenteuer
(Iznogoud - The Wicked Grand Vizier and his Comical Vacation Adventures)

LP and cassette

Date of issue: 1976 (PEG)

Isnogud und der Rasende Raketenstart
(Iznogoud and the Maniacal Rocket Start)

LP and cassette

Date of issue: 1977 (PEGGY/Bellaphon)

In 1995, the theme song for the Iznogoud cartoon series was released on a 12-inch single in France:

Iznogoud (Version longue) / Iznogoud (Instrumental)

12 inch single

Date of issue: 1995 (Saban Entertainment/PolyGram)

Here are some German audio tapes based on Iznogoud's animated cartoon adventures:

Isnogud - Folge 1 (Episode 1)

1. Das Zauberbett (The Magic Bed)
2. Hut ab! (Hat off!)
3. Isnoguds Raketenstart (Iznogoud's Rocket Start)

Date of issue: 1997 (OHHA)

Isnogud - Folge 2 (Episode 2)

1. Es quakt im Kalifat (Croaking in the Caliphate)
2. Die Flasche des Herrn Gasbutan (The Flask of Gasbutan)
3. Der Staatsbesuch (The State Visit)

Date of issue: 1997 (OHHA)

Isnogud - Folge 3 (Episode 3)

1. Das Picknick (The Picnic)
2. Der Doppelgänger (The Doppelganger)
3. Der Dschinni (The Genie)

Date of issue: 1997 (OHHA)