Here are some links to pages that might be of interest to you, dear readers - in many different languages all over the world:

Iznogoud International

Iznogud in Czech

  • COMX.cz
    Now this is interesting... a Czech web page with some info on Iznogoud.

Iznogoedh in Dutch

Ahmed Ahne in Finnish

Iznogoud in French

Isnogud in German


Iznogoud in Italian

Iznogud in Polish

  • Egmont Poland
    Polish Iznogud publisher - look under "serie" and then "Iznogud" in the Humor section.

Iznogoud in Swedish

  • Iznogoud
    Listing of the Iznogoud titles in Swedish (site language is English)

Iznogoud Cartoons

  • SIP Animation
    Formerly Saban International and home of the Iznogoud cartoon series (in French or English)

  • Planète-Jeunesse
    Has a comprehensive listing of all the episodes of Iznogoud, plus details on the show (in French)

Iznogoud Movies

  • IZNOGOUD le film
    The official website of the live-action French film, "Iznogoud: Calife à la place du Calife" (in French)

René Goscinny

Jean Tabary

  • Jean Tabary dans Pilote
    Details all of Tabary's Pilote magazine publications, including Iznogoud strips (in French)

  • Jean Tabary
    Information about Tabary, including a large Iznogoud section (in French)

Éditions Tabary

  • Éditions Tabary - Site officiel des éditions Tabary
    Finally, the official website for Tabary's publishing company! (in French)