In 1997, ten years after the first Iznogoud game, Microids came out with a new game for the PC and Sony PlayStation called "Saban's Iznogoud". This time it was a very colorful 2D platform game with some snappy animation, following on the heels of the Iznogoud cartoon series from 1994. However, response was rather critical and the game did not do very well on the whole. It seems at this point people were sick of platform game Mario Bros. clones, a category this game does little to stray from.


Here's what the boxes/covers for the PC version of "Saban's Iznogoud" looked like:


French (alt)

This is the French "Éditions Collector" version of the game, along with a promotional advertisement for it:

And here are some screen shots from the game:

It's fun to run around as the Grand Vizier, but a bit frustrating due to all the running, falling, and dodging you have to do. The graphics look great though, and a bit surreal as well. The game has a lot different environments you can run around in, and some fun between-level animated scenes.


Here is what the CD cover of the Sony PlayStation version looked like:

And here are screen shots from the Sony PlayStation version:

Nice color screens and graphics; similar to the cartoon series and even more colorful than the original books. However, from all reports the gameplay got boring and left something to be desired. In fact, this game was apparently voted "Worst PlayStation Game Ever" in at least one instance!

Hopefully at some point there will be another Iznogoud game, and hopefully it fares better than the previous ones. I for one would love to see a good graphic adventure game made from the Iznogoud premise... perhaps in the future someone will try again.