I have been a big fan of the Iznogoud books ever since I was a child, when I used to go to the library regularly to read Tintin and Asterix. I found Iznogoud in the same section one day, and I very quickly got hooked. Unfortunately, the library only ever had three titles. On the back of one of them was an ad for yet another book, so I knew there were had to be more out there. Little did I know there were actually many more, but only a few would be available in English.

In later years I kept looking for more Iznogoud adventures, but there were none to be found. After a while I had all but given up on searching.

Then one day by lucky chance I found 2 of the books at a used bookstore. It wasn't until I finally searched the internet that I found out there were over 25 books in the series, as well as cartoons, toys, games, etc. But though the books were known worldwide, it was very difficult to find anything available in English.

I created this site because I still love the series, and because I couldn't find any other English sites dedicated to Iznogoud. Hopefully this site can function as a resource for English-speaking Iznogoud fans everywhere. The site has now expanded to cover all countries where Iznogoud has appeared.

If you have any questions, comments, or contributions to the site, please contact me. Additionally, there is now an English-language mailing list for Iznogoud which you can join through Yahoo by clicking the button on the left; or you can click here to subscribe directly by e-mail. Please feel free to join if you are interested in becoming Caliph instead of the Caliph, or if you'd just like to discuss the Infamous Iznogoud!

And if you would like to get in touch with the publishers or the creator of the Iznogoud stories, you can contact Éditions Tabary (for books 9 through the latest) or Dargaud (for books 1 through 8) at:

Éditions Tabary
44 chemin de la Séguinière
17250 Pont l'Abbe d'Arnoult
15/27 rue Moussorgski
F - 75018 Paris

Or, try the Éditions Tabary website here, or the Dargaud website here.