Iznogoud is a series of French comic strip stories about the exploits of the wicked Grand Vizier Iznogoud in his quest to become Caliph in place of the Caliph. The stories were originally conceived and written by René Goscinny (known worldwide for his Asterix tales) and illustrated by Jean Tabary. They were first published in the pages of Record and Pilote magazine in the 60s, and then later compiled into book form. Sadly, René Goscinny passed on in 1977. Jean Tabary continued the Iznogoud series on his own and with the help of his children until his death in 2011. Iznogoud has been published in many languages all over the world in addition to appearing in toys, books, games, animated cartoons, and a live-action film.

The stories of Iznogoud take place in the Caliphate of Baghdad, under the benign rule of Caliph Haroun al Plassid. The Commander of the Faithful is very easy-going and most of the time enjoys a good nap over all else.
Iznogoud himself is the Caliph's Grand Vizier, a very wicked little man with one aim in life: to dispose of the good Caliph and rule as Caliph in his stead. Fortunately, his plans always tend to backfire in the end...
And faithfully serving the Grand Vizier Iznogoud is his strong-arm man, Wa'at Alahf. Wa'at accompanies Iznogoud everywhere, helping him with his fiendish plots. Wa'at often warns Iznogoud that his plans will come to a bad end, but Iznogoud never listens.